Its June....Really?

Hello Everyone.

Its been awhile since my last blog, but lots of things have been happening as well. Like bad weather and no open doors! So, I thought I would touch base and get your feedback on a few ideas.

First have you noticed that there are a lot of thrift stores springing up along MLK Jr. and in Portland Oregon in general? I have, and each time I think you have to be quick these days. So, I've been rethinking my wonderful, but not competitive little shed/shop.

So, I've got a couple of questions for you.
1. Would you subscribe to a monthly online Portland Thrift Store Finder and information on estate sales?

2. Do you use on-line websites to purchase vintage or used items? Such as

  • Vintage Handmade Quilts
  • Comforters
  • Ethnic Fabrics
  • Mexican Blankets
  • Baskets
I'd love to get your thoughts and share them, as I rethink my approach to a resale idea. In the meantime I will continue to send featured items via my blog and a new etsy store for the vintage bedding starting next month.

And, I'd like to give Sheri Mason business "Links to Your Heart" a plug. You can now find Sheri's items at the Dreamers Marketplace on MLK and Knott. You can still find her online at or

And thank you all for your continued SUPPORT!

SPRING SALE! Saturday March 20!

Spring is HERE!
Stacey Drakes Resale Shop will OPEN!
Saturday March 20, 2010
Stop by on Saturday, March 20 from 8 to 4 and take a look. I've added several pictures to give you an idea of what you could find! I look forward to seeing my friends.
I plan to have wine and beer, so you can enjoy a little light refreshment, mingle and buy, buy, buy!
Call me at 503.284.4972 or just come on by at
3969 NE Grand Avenue, one block east of MLK, corner of Shaver.





Stacey Drake's Resale Shop

3969 NE Grand Avenue

Portland Oregon 97212


Hope to see you here!

February is Here and So Is Valentine Day!

Sheri Mason, a local and established artist in Portland Oregon and owner of Links to Your Heart has been creating artwork since she was a young child. With Links to Your Heart you can send Sheri your favorite photos of loved ones, family, and friends and she will incorporate them into quality handmade jewelry pieces which include bracelets, necklaces and charms. Great ideas just in time for Valentine Day! .

I asked Sheri how she got started in the arts and she told me that "in grade school I was very involved with arts and crafts. One of the schools I attended would actually involve academic study during the day and arts and crafts all afternoon. We learned traditional and non-traditional crafts, Batik was something I really enjoyed. I guess pursuing silk painting in later years was because of my interest in fabric and the dye resist method." She was also encouraged by her mother, who was also artistic, to carve, knit, crochet, whatever focused her and her siblings minds in a positive direction. Quilting and sewing came at the age of 11...and whatever else caught her fancy.

When I first met Sheri, 15 years ago, she was selling her handmade painted silk scarves and polymer clay jewelry at Portland's Saturday Market and to local shops in Portland. Sheri loves being creative and looks forward to a time when she can follow her passion and create more sculptured based artwork in the future. You can also find Sheri at the famous Alberta Street Last Thursdays.

Check her out and support a local woman owned business!!!!

Old Handmade Quilts for Sale

All quilts are handmade. Most of the quilts I sale are older, from the depression era, and have minor defects from small rips to discoloration. The quilts sizes range from Queen to twin size and I have a few lap quilts. Prices range depending on the quilt, but generally you will find prices from $50 to $175.00.

If you love quilts as I do, it is always great to know how to maintain them, I have included a link to maintain and clean old handmade quilts.

Women Co-op in Dehli India Sales Indian Print Quilts.

I have located a women co-op source for twin size lightweight Indian Print Quilts direct from Dehli India for $50.00 each. As I find out more about the company I'll print their info in this newsletter. A great opportunity to support women owned businesses in India.

Estate Sale Services

If you need help sorting through your basement, attic and storage units contact me at I will help you sort your items for sale, donations and recycling/dumping. I can coordinate the estate sale, take your items to the donation center of your choice and haul your dump/recycling items.
To contact me, please leave a message on the blog or email me at, or call me at 503.284.4972.

Thank you for recycling by shopping at Stacey Drake's Resale.

You are starting a business in this economy?!!@$##!!!

As anyone knows starting anything new can be overwhelming and certainly starting it in the midst of a major transition can be even crazier, but here I am. Crazier than ever, but never happier. And, as a very good friend acknowledge my madness in starting a new business, mind you its small, but just the same, keeps me busy and out of trouble.

Amen to that.

The idea of the Resale business had been buzzing around in my head for years. I was never sure how to start it, not sure if I could manage it, but I knew if I had a place that didn’t have overhead and that could be a weekend thing it would be a great way to start and slowly move into something more permanent. And if it really was something I was good at and would make a decent amount of money. Hey who knows? And, as we all know with the magic of the internet a business doesn’t necessarily have to be a “standing location”, but can be a combination of several things. I’ll find out where and what fits best.

I also knew that with my illness of “can’t walk by a good deal” and “oh but that would make someone a good gift” it would be a great opportunity to recycle some of those really cool items. As I continue to sort through my inventory I have realize that I really like fabrics, especially old, antique, and handmade. Also, the more funky (not as in tattered and smelly), old school, Mediterranean, and crafty the better. So, I’ve decided to focus on those types of items, like quilts, embroidered pillow cases, aprons, coverlets, towels, Mexican blankets – great for outdoor concert, woven pillow cases and funky fabric, yarns and frames that can be used for great crafting. But in the meantime, I still have lots of other things that need to be sold, like garden pots, mosaic outdoor tables, cocktail tables, yarn, bags, books, colorful sweaters and various other fun items like old jugs, furniture that I’ve saved (saved is a kind word for hoarding).

This week I plan to take pictures of some of the items I mentioned above, including old handmade quilts and Afghans and post them. Take a look, you may find that there is an item or two that would make a great gift for yourself or a family and friend. And, if you would like to stop by for a glass of wine on a Friday and/or Saturday and take a look and shop! Just give me a call at 503.284.4972.

Stay tuned. I’m having fun I hope you will too. And, my kids think it is a pretty cool idea. I couldn’t get a better confirmation than that.

Thanks for stopping by and hanging out!!

....the beginning

In the Beginning....A Resale Shop was just a dream....

Today I just created my first blog. Its an opportunity to share my sometimes funny, frustrating, amusing, thoughtful, awesome and exciting experience in creating and starting A Resale Shop! Stacey Drake's Resale! with friends, potential shoppers and remind myself of the FUN I had getting it started!

I started working on building the structure in August with very little money, lots of support from my incredible neighbor, neighborhood buds and surprisingly new friends who just stopped by and starting helping. As of today, you will see from the pictures I've attached that I now have a structure built. YIPPEE. I even have a window. And it didn't cost me the home depot price!!! I still need to paint, put up shelves, have signs made, inventory my items and start marketing. But, I'm happy that I'm consistent and every week something new is being completed. Even if its my incredible neighbor finding free paint for me...see what being broke and having patience will accomplish!!!

Stay tuned and get ready for the big sale!