Its June....Really?

Hello Everyone.

Its been awhile since my last blog, but lots of things have been happening as well. Like bad weather and no open doors! So, I thought I would touch base and get your feedback on a few ideas.

First have you noticed that there are a lot of thrift stores springing up along MLK Jr. and in Portland Oregon in general? I have, and each time I think you have to be quick these days. So, I've been rethinking my wonderful, but not competitive little shed/shop.

So, I've got a couple of questions for you.
1. Would you subscribe to a monthly online Portland Thrift Store Finder and information on estate sales?

2. Do you use on-line websites to purchase vintage or used items? Such as

  • Vintage Handmade Quilts
  • Comforters
  • Ethnic Fabrics
  • Mexican Blankets
  • Baskets
I'd love to get your thoughts and share them, as I rethink my approach to a resale idea. In the meantime I will continue to send featured items via my blog and a new etsy store for the vintage bedding starting next month.

And, I'd like to give Sheri Mason business "Links to Your Heart" a plug. You can now find Sheri's items at the Dreamers Marketplace on MLK and Knott. You can still find her online at or

And thank you all for your continued SUPPORT!

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